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Our Mission is to Connect, Engage, Influence and LEAD Professionals in Northwest Montana!

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Everyone who lives, works or even visits the Flathead Valley, knows that it is a unique place. Our quality of life is some of the best found anywhere in the country and we MUST use that to our advantage.

Why? Currently, our state’s talent is leaving Montana for Seattle, San Fransisco, Portland, Boise and the like. Young Professionals are moving here but lack the support to stay. The Flathead Valley cannot afford to lose the creativity, talent and energy so many ‘young’ people have to offer.

So the question becomes…..How do we retain more talented young professionals that live here?  How do we attract the same members of the next generation to our community from all over the country to work in high tech jobs, start businesses and become part of the mosaic that makes the Flathead Valley so unique?

That’s where FAYP comes in. It is our mission to make the Flathead Valley a “Community of Choice’ for young professionals.

So what is a ‘Young’ Professional?

Young Professionals are those people who are YOUNG in their PROFESSIONAL walk of life.

This does not mean you have to be ‘x’ years old. Being young in your career and ready to take it to the next level, is what a Young Professional is!

Who are we?

About Us

FAYP started in 2008. Every year we have grown and continue to help the community and professionals in the area.

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We are a non-profit community organization that is dedicated to helping ‘professionals’ and other organizations in Northwest Montana. Our board works to create an environment for all professionals to be a part of.

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Our Mission is to Connect, Engage, Influence and Lead. Learn more about becoming a member and developing your skills as a professional.

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Network and build relations through our monthly luncheons, volunteer opportunities and evening networking events.

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